[Community] Changes to the community mailing list policy

Kai Hänninen kai.hanninen at mbconcert.fi
Wed Apr 5 22:57:46 EEST 2006


I made two changes to the mailing list policy today:

1. The Reply-To header for postings is now set back to the list (it used 
to be set to the sender's address). So when you click the 'Reply' button 
on your MUA it will be directed back to the list. If you need to write a 
private message in reply in the future, please make sure to change the 
recipient address on the particular message.

2. Non-member posting are now automatically rejected. This is done 
mainly to avoid spam. Before this non-member postings were held and 
required manual examination from the list maintainers (as in me). I do 
not want to keep doing this because the number of valid messages held 
compared to spam is very low. Valid senders will be notified of the list 
policy in their rejection message and will learn that they must 
subscribe first.

However, if these changes make life harder for someone let me know and 
we can discuss on a better solution.

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