[Community] PCL-Referencing and PCL-Geometry releases

Kai Hänninen kai.hanninen at mbconcert.fi
Sun Mar 26 20:17:04 EEST 2006

Sean Gillies wrote:
> Hi all,
> In the spirit of releasing early and often, I think that we should 
> release PCL-Referencing and PCL-Geometry from the dublin branch as 
> PCL-Referencing 0.11 and PCL-Geometry 0.11. These have no dependencies 
> on any other parts of PCL and are very reusable. It would be good to get 
> them out there.

Is PCL-Geometry == PCL-Spatial or are you planning on renaming it?

> Comments? Anything that you think needs to be added to them before they 
> are released?

How about the GEOS release? Will you push 2.2.2 out before doing this or 
will users need to patch 2.2.1 to get PCL-Geometry going?

Also, do you think we need to start doing something extra in terms of 
release management if we release parts of PCL asynchronously?


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