[Community] A half smart idea

Moisan Yves ymoisan at groupesm.com
Wed Sep 13 20:09:53 EEST 2006

Hi All,

I was going to title this "A half use case idea", but since the use case
in question probably boils down to a smart folder implementationwise, I
chose a half smart idea.  Here it goes.

I had to explain to a colleague of mine (a specialist in geotechnics)
what geodata was.  In my explanation, I mentioned that anything that had
associated coordinates or some "field geometry" could be considered
"geodata".  I was referring to the vast body of documents (like reports,
resumes, call for tenders, etc.) that are commonly managed in a CMS and
that are "intangible things" when it comes to geodata.  I was wondering
if, as part of a more agile UI design for PrimaGIS, it could be thought
to dynamically "adapt" a layer using a smart folder.  One example.

Let's say I build an object model for an organization.  The center
object would be a "project" since that's what you bill hours under ;-).
Associated with the project, a number of document artifacts could be
tied by various means (containment, AT references, etc.).  Things like
the principal contact for the project, summary reports, final report,
etc.  Now if those artifacts were somehow georeferenced (and tagged ?),
that is either they hold "geo" metadata themselves or they inherit that
of the container object (in our case a "project"), it would be easy to
hold them in smart folders.  The idea here is that there would be one
layer for projects, but potentially multiple information items
displayed.  A drop-down would allow me to just list those projects which
have final reports in published state for area X (e.g. current bounding
box) and the url would point to the report.  Everything would be in the
one layer, so no need to create a dozen layers as artifact types grow.  

Another option would be to form huge pop ups for projects containing all
that info and let users (map admins ?) tick in/out items they want shown
in the pop ups.  Does that make sense ?



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