[Community] Random thoughts about geoprocessing

Sean Gillies sgillies at frii.com
Wed Sep 20 23:02:55 EEST 2006

Yesterday, I was thinking about graphical geoprocessing model builders 
and wrote down some half-baked ideas: http://zcologia.com/news/259. In a 
nutshell, I'm curious whether we can generate data-processing Python 
code from UML by following the lead of ArchGenXML:


I think an activity diagram fits the bill better than a state diagram


I received a response from Matt Perry, who has an interest in a high 
level data processing framework. I hope he won't mind if I drag his 
working proposal in here:


Seems to me that a UML-based modeler and such an API could complement 
each other very well. I also think if one were to drink the Zope3 
kool-aid, you could layer a processing API over PCL's feature model. 
Something like this:

     store = FeatureStore(...)
     source = store.source(typename, filter=...)
     layer = IProcessingLayer(source)
     buffer = layer.buffer(distance)

IProcessingLayer adapts the PCL feature source to the new protocol, 
which defines .buffer() (and others), and .save(). Python 3000 won't 
have Zope3 style adapters; IProcessingLayer would instead be a generic 


Anybody aware of any other projects that are generating Python code from 


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