[Community] PrimaGIS 0.6 : is better ergonomy for ZCO Datastore possible ?

Gérard Vidal Gerard.Vidal at inrp.fr
Thu Sep 21 19:46:21 EEST 2006

Hi Kai
> You're correct that the current "Data source" selection interface is
> far from optimal. It simply lists all the feature types from all data
> stores  configured within the gis_tool and this can get really big
> when the number of data stores grows.
> The biggest problem is the editing form and I'd be willing to put some
> effort into including an improvement for that before the 0.6 release.
> Would this be something you'd like to help us with? It wouldn't have
> to be necessarily coding. Good ideas, mock-ups, etc would also be
> helpful.
OK you can count on me (not for coding of course)  but for ideas (not
necesseraly good :-[ ) and comments no problem !
> I could put together a custom widget for the data source selection
> that would handle the large number of data stores / feature types in a
> better and more consistent way (possibly using some AJAX callbacks
> that would pull in stuff on-demand or something). I'm open to
> suggestions on how such a widget should look and operate.
I don(t know if it is possible I just push some ideas.
My first proposal should be to list zcos instead of layers and when a
ZCO is choosen the list of available layers appears. (Something like
what you get when software companies want you to give your country /
state/town I cannot remember where I saw such a process)
The hierachical approach will simplify the interface

Another solution should be to think different and use keywords
If it is possible to attach keywords to zcos and share them with Data
source then  the interface can ask for keyword(s) and then display all
layers whose ZCO bears the keyword. This  prevents from displaying a
long list of ZCOs,works with less interactivity.

>> Is there any solution to get simpler behavior (except by instancing as
>> many plones as topics). Would it be possible for example to have "ZCO
>> folders" inside the portal_gisMap_Tool  that may correspond each to one
>> scrollable list in the modify PrimaGIS layer page. The user may then see
>> as many scrollable lists as topics;  he can choose a list then scroll
>> only the layers  which interests him.
> I wouldn't touch the gis_tool and the Zope side of things as the whole
> data store management story will change dramatically when we move over
> to the Zope3 code base in the post-0.6 versions.
OK then let us wait Zope3 on that side

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