[Community] Installing Shapely on Windows

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Wed Dec 12 11:34:30 EET 2007


I'm trying to install Shapely on Windows:

	easy_install Shapely

To my surprise, this tries to download and install ctypes, even though
I'm running Python 2.5 and ctypes is already available, as evidenced:

	>>> import ctypes
	>>> ctypes.__version__

This probably shouldn't be a problem, except that I can't compile ctypes
due to me missing the VS2003 compiler. I have VS2005, but that is
apparently not okay. I have cygwin and can manually compile ctypes by
downloading the tarball and running

	python setup.py -c mingw32

but then I can't figure out how to install the ctypes I just built :-(

So, in summary I have the following questions, not all of which might be
relevant to this list (so shoot me ;-]):

1) Why does Shapely try to install ctypes when it's already there?

2) How can I pass '-c mingw32' for easy_install to use when compiling?

3) How can I install a manually built package using easy_install so it
   will skip that dependency when procession Shapely?

Thanks in advance.

... et nemo ex vobis interrogat me: »Quo vadis?«

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