[Community] shapely.kml functionality

Danny Shevitz shevitz at lanl.gov
Thu Mar 26 17:59:20 EET 2009

> Potentially round out the trip with
>    >>> placemark = keytree.placemark(id='...', geometry=shape,  
> name='...')

I'm not sure of the best way to do this, but this is absolutely useful
and what I need. I am working with geometries using Shapely and I want to
render the output into KML.

Since KML is just XML, I'm currently rolling my own KML using ElementTree, 
but it sure seems like someone could do something useful for once and for all
that would take geometries and help constuct the KML file via a functional API 
without having to mess directly with ElementTree. 

Just a pipe dream... (along with ElementTree pretty printing...)


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